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Dear Valued Patients,

Dr Eva Fong and Dr Sum Sum Lo have recently participated in the first round of credentialing for pelvic floor procedures under the NZ credentialing framework (

What is credentialing and why is it important?

  • As per Manatu Hauroa's website “This national framework exists because women have suffered significant avoidable harm as a result of surgical procedures involving mesh.   We owe it to these women to improve our health system to reduce the potential for future harm.” The aim of this framework is to provide a national credentialling framework for pelvic floor reconstructive procedures, urogynaecological procedures and procedures for mesh revision and/or removal.

How does this affect your patient journey with us? 

  • The credentialing status allows you to know that we have been assessed for technical ability, knowledge and judgement skills, the patient experience, and the health team environment in providing treatment for you for pelvic floor issues. 

Which procedures have we have been credentialed for?

We are fully credentialed for non-mesh procedures including slings (fascial slings), urethral bulking agents and are being proctored by Dr Hazel Ecclestone for Burch Colposuspension.  We are credentialed for mesh slings. 

We also offer advanced options including female artificial urinary sphincter in specific situations. 

For pelvic organ prolapse, Eva and Sum Sum are credentialed for vaginal prolapse surgeries (non-mesh) and abdominal prolapse surgeries (mesh and non-mesh). 

For mesh removal surgery, we are fully credentialed for removal of retropubic slings, Transobturator slings, transvaginal prolapse meshes, orphan arms, sacrocolpopexy mesh and mesh removal from bladder/ urethra/ ureter.  We are also credentialed for reconstruction after mesh removal and adjustment of autologous slings. 


Adrian bin James Amandus
Practice Manager


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